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The Muslim American Society has established the Rashad Scholarship in order to encourage the development of qualified Islamic leadership in the Houston community. The scholarship aims to fill the great void of a balanced Islamic discourse in the community by regularly sponsoring students of different backgrounds to immerse themselves in religious studies for a period of time and to subsequently return to serve their respective communities.

Organic Imam seeks to produce qualified homegrown leadership through a scholarship program, sending students from Houston to an overseas institution of their choosing. These students will return to Houston with a degree in Islamic sciences and an enriched understanding and wisdom on creating a solid community, modeled by classical scholars of Islam. We believe in harvesting youth from our city while taking advantage of the expertise in our sacred sciences abroad, thus molding the ideal product: a youth from within ourselves, with knowledge from the genuine source.

As in any brick and mortar operation, resources are of the vital elements. Organic Imam needs funding to solve the dilemma our families are living in day to day.

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